Rocket Car STREAM Education in our school
Date: 22 / 01 / 2020

Rocket Car

STREAM Education in our school


On 12th November 2019, teachers of Mathematics, Science, DT, Computer and Laboratory Technicians participated in the training for the design and implementation of Rocket Cars. Throughout the training, teachers were offered to design the shape of the car by using iPads, cutting tools and coding the micro:bit for counting the velocity of Rocket Cars. Considering the body of cars, the material of wheels and other trivial parts of the car are the essential elements to pursuing the fastest velocity. The objective of the training is to familiarize teachers with the construction of rocket cars beforehand so as to facilitate our S2 students’ participation in the rocket car competition on the Fun Day scheduled on 29th April 2020. It is firmly believed that this competition is not only fun but also it is a precious opportunity for collaboration amongst various subjects in our school in the hope of promoting our STREAM education. The winner of the competition will represent our school to participate in the Rocket Car Competition Hong Kong station.